Our mission is to help all patients to improve various pains and restore health as soon as possible. Our clinic treatment programs include Physiotherapy Chiropractor,Massage Therapy, TCM Acupuncture and Osteopathic. All the therapist practitioners in our clinic are work together as team and we are here to help all patients achieve their better health for the very best.

Experience of Massage Therapy



Whether you have have chronic pain, an injury, want to lose weight and improve your eating habits, or just want an amazing massage therapy, XZ RMT PHYSIO CLINIC staffs a team of professional, registered practitioners who will be able to assess, treat, and help to get you feeling your best.


It can be overwhelming and scary to be in a motor vehicle accident. These injuries are more complicated and require more attention. They also need collaboration and interaction between multiple parties. MVA injuries we often see include whiplash, knee & leg injuries, torn ligaments, herniated discs, strains, and concussions.

Workplace injuries can be highly debilitating and influences your productivity at work and at home. If you are ever injured or become ill because of your job, we are here to give you the care and support you're entitled to under Ontario's workplace safety and insurance system.


Whether you were injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or Worker’s Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), we can help you with the care you need for a full recovery.



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